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INIS – International Networking for Inclusive Sportevents

Exclusion loses – inclusion wins

The aim of the INIS project (International Networking for Inclusive Sporting Events) was to set essential impulses to make the sporting landscape more inclusive. In doing so, it followed the demand set out in Article 30 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, “…to enable persons with disabilities to participate in recreational, leisure and sporting activities on an equal basis with others”. Four main questions were the focus of the project implementation:

  • How can the low level of participation of people with (mainly intellectual) disabilities in sport be increased?
  • How can we build on this to increase the participation of people with disabilities in sporting events?
  • After this process, how can the low level of participation of people with disabilities in sporting events be increased?
  • What does it take to make a sporting event inclusive?
  • How can the low level of participation of people with disabilities also be increased in the organisational and administrative area of sport?
Person klettert an Indoor-Kletterwand

During the implementation of the project, from June 2022 to March 2023, the three established organisations of the project group were very much interested in learning from their own experiences, working methods, recipes for success, but also negative experiences, by means of a structured exchange of experiences within the framework of project visits.
Finally, making these generated learning effects available to a broad public is the most important step towards the outside world: a symposium was held in which the results of the project were presented to the public, supplemented by lectures and workshops by external experts.

Symposium on March 8th, 2023

As a conclusion of the INIS project, the international expert conference on the topic of sports inclusion took place on the 8th of March 2023 at the Raiffeisen Sportpark Graz.

The highlights of the conference can be found here:

Gruppenfoto mit drei Männer und einer Frau mit jubelnden Händen in Sporthalle stehend