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Guide for inclusive sporting events

Make your sporting event an experience for everyone!

There is no such thing as THE inclusive sporting event. But consciously focusing on inclusion opens up access to sporting events for more people. Every step towards inclusion is therefore a step in the right direction. This guide is intended to help you take one or two steps in this direction and organise an event that is as inclusive as possible.

This guide was developed as a product of the INIS project. But it was not only the inclusive project group that worked intensively on it between June 2022 and March 2023. During the INIS project visit in Graz, a workshop with 27 participants was held. The participants – most of them from organised sport – contributed their expertise on inclusive sporting events. This was also incorporated into the drafting of the guide, as was the evaluation of an online survey on the topic in October/November 2022. No fewer than 218 people took part in this survey. The wide range of respondents, including active athletes, people from both the disability aid sector and organised sport, as well as quite deliberately many people with disabilities, provided valuable input for the present guide. Inputs that were elaborated in detail during the INIS project visit in Hatten in November 2022.  

9 köpfige Workshopgruppe gemischt aus Frauen und Männer, sitzen an einem Tisch vor Beamerpräsentation
Development of the guidelines for inclusive sporting events.

Inclusion is when everyone is allowed to participate.

The guideline is intended to be an aid to implementation in the direction of a more inclusive event. It is not only about being allowed to participate, but also about creating the framework conditions so that people can actually participate.

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Advice on inclusive sporting events
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